Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eating Healthy

I have been making a real effort to eat better. I have been eating more fruits and veggies, staying away from corn and dairy and not consuming many grains at all. I have been eating beans and drinking more water. Today...well, today and I didn't and I'm paying for it.  I did have fruits and veggies, but I also ate some french fries and my stomach is so upset. I guess I know that eating better really is better.

I did ground work with my horses tonight and Liberty backed in a circle. I haven't tried a figure 8 yet, b/c I could tell that one whole circle was about all his attention span had at that moment.  I'm trying to spend 10-15 minutes every day doing ground work and playing games when I don't feel like riding.  Tonka tried to be a little pushy today, but not too bad. She just moved when I wanted her to stand and did that thing where she put her hooves in her ears and went Lalalala.  However, she did circle around me once each way, even behind my back (circle game) So I can see her impulsion is improving. I also found her sweet itchy, rubbing spot. Her back gets a knot and she really likes it rubbed.  She was putty in my hands.

I'm seriously thinking of selling Fiera.  She jumped out of my arena last night. The fence is made from round pen panels.  She knocked them over, but she had to have cleared it since she wasn't the least banged up. She has jumped that fence before. She has also been regularly jumping the four foot plus fence to the back pasture.  Clearly this mare has a future.  I'm thinking of teaching her to free jump in a chute and listing her for about $5000 as a pony jumping prospect.  Or a pony club horse. I don't want to give her away as she's too talented. I thinks he would make someone a fabulous eventing horse. She's not likely to get over 15 hh.  She is just so amazing.  I hate to give her up, but my economy would be much improved by selling her.

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