Monday, July 12, 2010

On being home alone

The last time i was home alone for a long stretch was the week I took my massage therapy exam. It was a little over four years ago because I still boarded at trinity stables and I had friends to hang out with and celebrate. We hung out in the barn and chatted and it was pleasant.

Now I board in a field all alone. I don't play nice with others so I don't have barn mates with whom to hang out. I have 3 horses there and 2 others elsewhere so I don't really have room for other horsey friends. I like the idea of a roommate but it doesn't save me any money since I have to buy more hay to compensate for the torn up pasture. I think it would be fun to have someone to ride with though

This time home alone hasn't been much fun. I haven't liked the movies I rented. I haven't been in the mood for books no wore myself out on a boring Sim family. I got rained out on riding. It's been a disappointing few days. I did get some sewing started but found myself wishing I had someone to go sing karaoke with. Cat and I used to do stuff like that but she's out enjoying her singleness dancing with new men. I don't really fit into that scenario.

I did have a great ride with Alexa yesterday and Sherri today. I would have ridden more or longer but we got rained out. It's just the way it went.

Tomorrow is a long busy day and then Maggie and Peter get home tomorrow night. It will be good to see them.

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