Saturday, July 3, 2010

What I learned on vacation at bar 50 this year

What I learned on vacation at bar 50 this year

These are random and not ordered

1) bar 50 is my favorite place to spend a week with my horses.
2) don't overlook the local pedicure and massage. In our case, Hair in Motion in Bismarck was as good or better for the money as Nurture day.
3) time away with your only daughter could not be better spent than camping, riding an getting spa treatments together.
4) even though Tonka may be green to trail, she eats and drinks well while camping and is willing to do anything we ask for. She is also a very neat horse in a pen.
5) one week is not long enough.
6) people in camp are very territorial about their horse pens.
7) the maps of the trails at the Ross foundation leave much to be desired but the trails are awesome.
8) sleeping in a tent is for the birds. After renting Betty and Julian Clay's LQ for the week, I am not sure how to go back.
9) whatever model of sundowners trailer this is, it's perfect I can see that all my efforts are going to be directed toward getting enough money together to own one :-)
10) maybe less competition and more pleasure riding is what my life needs right now. While i loved competing last year, I find some of my priorities have shifted and I just want to have fun.
11) it is somehow more fun to sit in horse camp and play Sims 3 on the computer than it is to play at home
12) the drive home is always longer than the drive to the camping location.

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