Monday, September 19, 2011

Texas two step ttc

We passed a fun and exciting weekend at Tarrant Ranch with the Texas Trail challenge. We had challenges both days. Maggie Road in the first day and I judged. The second day Maggie and I helped to pull down ribbons for candy, and she helped with one of the obstacles. There was a large group both days, I would say over 40 riders each day. There are also many buddy riders.

on the first day, when I was judging, I had to very fun obstacles. The first obstacle was a very large date. Tenderfoot had to pass through the gate while keeping control of the gate at all times. Both Maverick and Horsemen how'd open the gate with the left hand back through the gate, close the gate. They had to keep control of the gate the entire time. Most everyone did this fairly well, but there are a few resources refused to approach the day. There were a few beautiful example of the opening. The second obstacle was a series of transitions. Tenderfoot had to make a walk trot whole transition, Maverick had to do a Tropicana hall transition, and Horseman had to do at canter halt canter transition. The tangelo cancer, when done well, is a beautiful thing. I was playing with it on Sunday, and discovered that liberty really enjoyed the challenge of it. Everyone seemed like they were having a really great time. We had good potlucks both nights, and some birthday cake for candy on Sunday. Maggie placed higher than she ever has before. She was third in the maverick adult class. She Juniored out last year, and is no longer riding with the juniors, who ride tenderfoot. The next one is at Waco's lacy point. It will be held in the second to sorry third week of October. I hope everyone will come.

Alice Yovich
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