Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hair color

All my life I have been a natural blond. I was really white headed as a kid and it's never quit being blond. However, the last couple years, it's looking a little dingy. I suspect that means it's turning a little bit grey.  It doesn't look grey, it still looks blond, but it's not vibrant. I tried to go strawberry blond but the red never stays in my hair. (Imagine my surprise that Maggie is still a red head after one planned box of temporary color turned her permanently red and now we're seeking ways to keep up with it or turn it back)  So, when I bought her last box of color, I bought me one too. I picked ultra light sun blond. I figured as poorly as my hair takes color it wouldn't make much difference...well, uh, that's not true this time. I'm really, really blond now. However, it looks fabulous, so I'm not sorry. It's bright...Photos of my bright blond hair and my shiny new tights will most likely be available next week at after the NATRC ride.

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