Monday, September 19, 2011

Great ctr

I have spent a lot of time the last week reading the posts of The Bloggess. She is hilarious and I find myself wishing I had a tiny bit of her story telling ability. But, alas, I do not so I will have to tell a more basic and slow witted story of my ctr weekend.

The ride this past weekend was in the LBJ grasslands in Decatur, tx. It's a marvelous place to ride with more than 50 miles of trail. I don't get there often enough. Maggie and I arrived about 2pm and were able to find our favorite camping spot with ease. I got checked in for the natrc and Arabian horse ride (Liberty is a half Arab ) and Maggie played with her friends (though I guess at 14 they hang out, not play).

Saturday morning Liberty was massively upset at having been separated from Dixie. He was expressive in his defiance.I ended Up riding with corry key, a vet from Arkansas, and her awesome stallion, Zaliel. In this case two wrongs made a right and two badly behaved horses became well behaved friends on the trail. They paced perfectly and they were there for me when Liberty dumped me after spooking at a cow. (Corry is the author of a great book called Horses who Eat potatoes)

Sunday she had to pull and I was very sad. I have never had that much funon trail at a Ctr.

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