Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Add testing

Today, I went in for testing for ADD. It has been suggested to me by several friends and loved ones at this might perhaps be one of my many problems. LOL. I personally do not think that I have ADD. I am very good at juggling many balls. I do an outstanding job of remembering named. I am good managing things and meeting deadlines. I do not have a messy office, nor do I procrastinate. However, many of my friend's have suggested it, So I decided to be tested.

Testing was very simple. I had to do a series of puzzles , answer questions. The psychiatrist asked me familiar facts , math problems, and I had to do a personality and psychiatric disorder inventory. I found a psychiatric inventory particularly interesting. I was given a series of statements that I either had to say yes or no to. Many of the questions were phrased in the negative and made it very difficult to answer properly. For example, one of the statements was do you feel about many people talking about you behind your back? Or rather I feel like many people talk about me behind my back? Or maybe it was many people talk about me behind my back and laugh at me. Anyway, I understand the point of the question was to measure my paranoia about people are talking about me behind my back. How am i supposed to answer that question? Do I answer yes b/c people do talk about me behind my back or no so i dont look paranoid. What if there are people talking behind my back? Is it ok to admit it bothers me? There were also many questions about my drug alcohol use. I have a little Alcohol use and no drug use so I found the questions particularly amusing.

I return to the doctor in two weeks to get the results. I need to treated he might be.

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I'm curious of the test results. Many of the puzzle problems were hard as were the math. I had to sequence numbers forward, backward and in greatest to largest. I think I was better at organizing the numbers smallest to largest than either of the sequences. On the the sequencing when it got over 5 numbers I couldn't remember the ones in the middle.

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