Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Friend Saturday

I had the opportunity to meet and make a new friend today. Her name is Dee and she is the wife of my guitar teacher.  She has always loved horses, but for various reasons she has been told that she shouldn't ride anymore.  It's not a serious, structural issue, and she is planning on starting slowly to see if she can ride again.  Today she just came out to smell and brush horses and enjoy herself, but in the future, I'm going to get her on a horse at a walk and maybe a trot on a longe and see how it goes for her.  She would love to be able to actually go trail riding if possible, but she needs to build core muscle, so we're going to approach this like a therapy. She is just amazing and we really hit it off so I'm looking forward to the company.  Peter and I are going to go to the Stagecoach tonight to see my teacher's band play and just go out. I never do that, so it will be fun! We're going to stay out just an hour or so since Maggie and I have some riding planned for in the morning.

I had planned to sew today and instead we're just enjoying watching old Eureka episodes and playing with Sims 3.  I ended up ordering some new tights from Evelyn Allen at Just for Horsin-round and now I don't have to make my own.  Maggie is making a pair of sleep pants for a friend and I'm going to help her with those. She got the pattern traced off, just like my mom, showed her. Then, while sitting on her knees she got her right knee cap stuck again. this hasn't happened in 6 months, but I see a trip to the orthopedist in our future.  I came to realize that it had been a couple weeks since I'd sat still and I decided to just enjoy myself today and be lazy!

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