Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tracking apps

I used my footsteps app today when I did my 15 minute run/walk. I think I like it better than run keeper. Run keeper never says I'm going as fast as my footsteps app, and it doesn't seem to switch my speed from walk to run when I'm mixing it up. It also doesn't say I'm going as fast as I know I am when I'm running, clocking me under 4mph when I'm jogging. That doesn't seem right. Of course, I don't know that run keeper isn't right, but the footsteps pedometer app logs me more like the couch to 5K mileage I see on the treadmill, so I tend to think it's right. 

So, what apps are good for logging miles and speed? I like the idea of run keeper, but I didn't find it accurate. I like my footsteps b/c it logs my calories similar to what my fitness pal does.

Speaking of my fitness pal. I found a new app called Lose it that goes with a book by the same name. It gives me more calories and works along the lines of the BMR calculator that I learned about from listening to fat2fit radio. I'm pretty impressed so far with the idea that you shouldn't "diet" but should eat like the thin person you want to become. I have started losing again and I'm not working so hard. It's coming off more slowly, but that's OK.

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