Sunday, May 8, 2016

first lesson with harry part 1

I'm in Lindale with several friends old and new at the Harry Whitney clinic. For who Harry is it's hard to explain but I will attempt. Harry is a natural horse trainer but he is not commercial. He has had a few books written about what it is like to take clinics with him. the author if those books is Tom Moats. I found Harry through a lady who has put on other clinics with Dr Deb Bennett. She came to East Texas when I was first starting Liberty. if it hadn't been for Dr Deb I'm sure Liberty and I would not have been successful. Harry is a protégé of Dr Deb and has been coming to Texas 1 time yearly since about 2010.

the first time he came I brought Fiera for one lesson and we did ground work. The next year I brought ollie to work in his bridling issues (I will say that Harry had no trouble putting a bridle on him and years later we are still unsuccessful )  One year I brought Fiera for 4 days and fell off during the clinic which was unpleasant. Now I am here with Baby Cass to get him a little education.

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