Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend wrap-up part 2

Due to technical difficulties caused by blocking on my cell phone, I had to finish the story 4 part 1 and start over again on part 2. Disclaimer. As always I am dictating and may or may not catch all of the grammatical, spelling, punctuation mistakes that my voicemail 8. I may leave out words and what I say may come across as very funny it is really not intended to be funny for the most part however as I find these errors I will correct them and again I apologize to those of you who are sensitive to these type of mistakes. You are welcome to laugh at my expense as much as you and if you point out the errors I can fix end of disclaimer.

After Maggie left we had a pretty quiet evening Hallmark made salmon and squash for dinner which is always tasty. He built a fire and went to town for some more fixings. We never made smores but the kids didn't eat all the marshmallows I think he snuck me a chocolate bar for later should I want it and I hit it so that Harrison could not go back and get it without me.

We had plans to watch Blazing Saddles wish I had recorded, but I just heard that I recorded it in Spanish and since I know no Spanish I decided I should probably recorded in English for us to watch later. Call Mark brought fireworks and they were pretty awesome.

His daughter was in a movie this weekend. I don't know why she was in such but she was scared of the horses, did not want to watch fireworks, and only wanted to sit by a television even though we had other things too she did want to go swimming but she wanted to go swimming in her pretty dress. I discovered that I can be pretty bossy and forceful. I also discovered that those she will cry and try to get her dad to do what she wants that if I am calmly for school will do what I asked. And he will usually let me do. It is great progress for both of us. It has been hard though he feels like the women are sometimes means you his daughter not just me as a girlfriend but other women in his life. I believe this is because mothers are hard on their daughters and fathers are hard on their sons. When you are married you have a person of the opposite sex to take up the slack and buffer the hardest. But since he is not married and Katherine has never had a mom there is no one to be hard on her on a regular basis. When his mother is hard on her or a sister is hard on her he feels like he needs to take up for her so it's a constant Daddy's Girls situation. Hallmark is already hard and his son which is appropriate and the women in his life give him a little more slack so he has the balance that Katherine has not been experiencing. I am not a psychologist just like him. Any of you guys who are step parents are free to comment and offer me advice because I have no idea what I'm doing obviously I am not actually a stepparent I am not even really a girlfriend I am just a woman who loves these children even though they drive me insane sometimes but I think all children that we love drive us insane sometimes. I want Katherine and Harrison to know that even if I differ from their dad but I am to be respected and that things I asked them to do are done out of love.  Never, in a million years would I have thought that I would want to date someone who had small children.

On Sunday we were awakened very early. Why is it that kids will sleep late on school days and wake up at the crack of dawn on the weekend? I know this is an age-old question but I still ask it. We got up and powdered about the house enjoyed some television. I had forgotten that I enjoyed watching CBS Sunday Morning. This was a particularly good show as a fixer-upper couple was on and I love them. I fed the horses tried to do paperwork. I accomplished very little. Early afternoon Hallmark took the kids to the river. I stayed behind for some quiet and to work on my paper work I definitely should have gone swimming not only did I miss them once the house was quiet butt I got nothing done and I didn't get all my steps in I also did not work my horse yesterday which I had planned to do. I don't think Indian Territory is going to be one of our most Stellar competitive rides.

We did something we have never done before yesterday. We all watched a movie together. It was Ant Man which was really very cute. Usually Hallmark can't sit still to watch the entire movie but he watches the same movie 70 or 80 times over and over again because he can't watch more than 5 minutes at one time. But in this case he and the kids and I all sat together and watch the movie it was awesome.

One not so awesome thing in the weekend was that they were still there, preparing to go home, when Peter showed up to pick up the dogs. I have them for the weekend while he went to photograph a TTC. I know it was bound to happen eventually but I had not intended to have one of these Awkward Moment quite so soon. I feel his sadness acutely. I can't fix it or change it but I know it was difficult for him to come to my house and see me there with other people and other children and the dogs. I wish that they had gone home before he came just because it would have been less difficult and awkward.

I thought that I was ready for peace and quiet but after Hallmark and the kids went home I had that emptiness you get from having company. Or the feeling you have after all your presents are open on Christmas. It was one of the first times that I've ever still wished they were there when they were gone. Are usually still want Hallmark to be there after the kids are gone but yesterday I wanted them all there. I just covered that kid free television watching this was not what I wanted. I wanted them there to help me pick up wire in the yard and to ride horses in the evening. I wanted them there to share more time. It just didn't seem like there was enough even though there had been Lots. I think we are all happy when we are together and we find ourselves feeling a little empty when the time is over. I ate way too much popcorn and drink a little wine and tried again to do paperwork. I ended up going to sleep early.

I did finally get the paperwork finished but not to the very last minute this morning. Now I am heading in to take baby Jorge to be neutered. Katherine said the cutest thing yesterday. I said I was taking him to be fixed and she said she didn't want him to be fixed because he was perfect just like he was. She and that cat adore each other.

So I have 4 days of hard work ahead of me. I plan to leave Thursday after work to head to Indian Territory. If I can make it all the way I will. If not I will pull over and sleep somewhere in the trailer. I really want Hallmark and his children to come with me this weekend but he says it doesn't sound like fun. I think he's wrong because he doesn't know if it's fun or not but I have accepted that he has said no. The trailer is ready 

one casualty of the weekend is poor Bailey. I had Maggie take-home Hammond so that if Hallmark and the kids came with me I would only have to take Ruger and Bailey camping. However, it appears that they are not going to go. When the kids and Hallmark went home last night she was so sad. Peter took Jay and Susie, Maggie took Hammond and Hallmark took a Ruger. She sat in the driveway and stared up the road for about half an hour and then went and lay in the hole that they had dug and side repeatedly today when I had to leave for work she was so sad and forlorn. I felt terrible leaving her.

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