Saturday, May 7, 2016

Melancholy evening

Today has been an interesting day. It started with an extra ride that I went to with Teresa adoration ranch is 500 acres and I think they told me it belongs to Tarleton State it would be a fantastic place to have an NATRC ride but everybody there said the chances of them letting us do that are small.  I figure I will give it a shot though because it never hurts to ask. They served a great barbecue lunch which included brisket and different flavors of sausage.  We got a tiny bit of rain just as lunch was being served but it went by quickly. My friend Gidget had encouraged me to come to this ride so that I could meet people from Stephenville since I now seem to live here. While I did not really meet that many new people I didn't meet one gentleman who had moved here from Oregon to study with a local trainer. I thought it was really neat that he had come here to follow his dream to be doing very well.

As an aside, The longer I am down here the more I love it. The other day when Maggie and I had to register her new trailer at the DMV we were able to walk right in and have service without a weight. They have three people working in the office and everyone was kind and courteous.

We joined Gidget's Team, called the blue  mules, and we found that our team was the largest and got a trophy. Teresa and I outwalk most of the people who were on the trail. We started near the back and ended near the front and very little time was spent trotting. We were very impressed how polite everyone was on the trail and how well educated they seem to be about trail etiquette. We have the opportunity to talk to several  people about both NATRC and Texastrailchallenge Club.

After we came home I realized that I had not prepared any food for the weekend ahead. I am to bring desserts to the Harry Whitney clinic and I had not yet accomplish this. So I ran to the store and bought the things I needed plus some other groceries and of course spent way too much money but that's how going to the grocery store is I guess.

I had thought I would have company this evening but it has not worked out that way. I was torn because on one hand I had so much work to do I did not really want company but on the other hand I had look forward to seeing friends all day long. It has been a strange and melancholy evening. I put on Pandora playing Liz Longley radio. Liz Longley is a recent find of mine. I don't know how to describe her music other than it has a jazzy and sometimes melancholy vibe. The words are frequently meaningful to me and they almost always make you think. There have been lots of other people on this Pandora station and it has suited my mood. The mood is one of wanting someone yet not wanting company. It's a mood of craving time alone yet wishing there was someone here on a similar wavelength to share the evening with. I have been very happy for all the peace in my world but yet wish I had someone to share the peace with.

It's now 10:32 and I'm going to be wrapping things up and going to bed. I am off to the Harry Whitney clinic tomorrow with my young horse to hopefully teach him some better manners and possibly get him ready for riding. I don't know if either one of us is actually ready for that that's why I say possibly. It's going to be a strange week because I will be gone through Tuesday afternoon. I will work Wednesday and then leave with Teresa on Thursday for a Friday Saturday clinic and we are taking two of her paso fino's.

This past week has been especially busy as I saw many of my clients ahead of time so that I didn't have to do missed visits this week. The ones I was unable to see I will see when I return the following week. I did not realize I had both of these clinics the same week or I would've probably only going to one. I love my home so much I find that I don't actually want to be gone all the time.

Unfortunately I still have some paperwork to complete so I will wrap this up for now. I hope to post each day about what I am learning during the clinic.

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Val said...

Shit, I had all the best intentions of going to that ride - thought it'd be neat since I just did the MS bike ride! But one of our neighbors came home from dr's appt Fri & apparently dropped dead on his kitchen floor - Peran was over there helping sort things out till well past midnight. Didn't sleep worth a damn (well what else is new? since menopause I rarely do), but when my alarm went off at 5:30 I. Just. Couldn't. Do. It.
Now if it had been for points & mileage at an AERC ride, it would've been a different story ;-)
My mom's having surgery next Wed so I'm out of commission for the Cleburne ride (5/14)