Thursday, May 19, 2016

What I want

I was trying to find a catchy one word title for my blog post with no success so I just went with what came to mind.

I'm finally living the life I want in so many ways. However I'm realizing that one critical factor is lacking. it's too soon for it to be much of a problem but I still see that it may be something that can't be achieved. I eventually want someone who wants to travel with me. I want someone who wants to go with me even if it's their most favorite thing to do bc they would rather be uncomfortable with me than hanging at home without me. I did meet someone I thought was going to be that guy. I introduced him to friends and took him to a ride but he was not the person I thought he was. that whole episode is bizarre that it feels like I was having one of those dreams that doesn't make sense. I still can't quite figure out how it all happened. one day i thought i had met a really cool person with whom i matched and thr next i realized i had no kdea who he was. but moving on.

it's not that I can't go alone or that I don't enjoy being at the rides alone with my dogs. it's just that sometimes it would be nice to have someone pass the miles with. it would be awesome if that person wanted to ride or even just if they were there when I got off the trail.

in the end it will all sort itself out and I'm not going to stress over it. I'm happy having the opportunity to travel. I'm happy I only have to.ask myself if I want to go instead of having to plan with someone else. I'm enjoying not feeling bad when I go or.havong to negotiate. but sometimes that road trip partner would be so cool.

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Val said...

(Now I KNOW I left a comment on yr last post - que pasa, Blogger?!?)

Heads up - GF's planning a trip to Fallings Waters (campground in Arkansas - a long haul but supposed to be beautiful) mid-June? I'll let ya know...

But for me my favorite time of the entire YEAR is getting out to NM for peace & solitude where all I'm responsible for is myself, a couple of ponies, & my little dogs... Try it, you'll like it!!!