Monday, May 2, 2016

Fantastic weekend

This past weekend was the most Pleasant and relaxing that I had a long time. I did almost everything I wanted to do this weekend except for the one thing I should have most of which was ride a horse. However, I accomplished so many things as well as had such a relaxing time but I can't actually be sorry.

There was an natrc ride this weekend in Stillwater Oklahoma. I typically do not like to miss any ride but I just felt like I needed to stay home. My divorce was Final just last Wednesday and I needed a little time to  decompress press and relax. Liberty and I will be back at the next competition which is in a month or so at Indian Territory. This ride is always fun and relaxing because we watch movies and make a long weekend out of it with the holiday.

On Friday Teresa and I went to the Granbury Wine Walk with Maggie. I had thought she could do wine tasting as well but it turned out she could not so I had bought an extra set of tickets for her to use. They came in handy as Teresa and I tried more wine than we should have :-) I bought 3 bottles of wine and some really good blue cheese. I think she bought 20 bottles of wine and some good cheese. We saw our good friend Mark and Becky Rogers of marker Cellars who gave us lots of wine tasting. That continues to say I am one of her number one fan which makes me happy because her wine is my number one wife. We also tried one from a place called Fiesta Winery. I bought a bottle called put the lime in the coconut. It is a white wine with some lime and the coconut. It will be fun to drink when I come off of a hot Trail summer.  I also bought a bottle of there sweet red which has blueberries in it and was very yummy. A new discovery for me. Another chocolate as well. Unfortunately for my wine loving friends I promised Maggie I would not drink these bottles without her so, we need to find a time to camp and drink wine this summer. Or I will have to buy more bottles of these wines so she can have some.

Teresa had a really good time at the wine tasting. Before that we went shopping and we had fun doing that too. Maggie got her dress for graduation and I bought an unplanned outfit that I can hardly wait to wear. I had planned to wear it Saturday night when Mark and I were going to go to let's eat . But we decided not to go.

Did I mention that Teresa had a really good time at the wine tasting?

When we got home super Chef Hallmark made of artichokes, squash, corn on the cob and Festival sirloin steak. And guess what we drink with our food? You got it more wine.

Saturday we all slept in Ann's Hallmark Maggie and I plan to go see a movie. At the last minute he had enough and decided not to go.  Hallmark and I went to see a movie but not the one we had originally planned to see since Maggie and I wanted to see the movie Mother's Day. He and I ended up watching Purple Rain which I had never seen. He said that it stopped and he was right sorry to all Prince fans.

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