Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday camp photos

These aren't by any means all the photos, but these are the ones I thought was best. When the girls are on the ground, they are playing the Circle Game. Sometimes it went well and sometimes it didn't. Mostly, I had fun taking pictures.

Then they had fun in the round pen, and then they rode bareback in the afternoon. I missed a ton of photos in between b/c I was supposed to go see clients, who then stood me up without a phone call, for the 2nd week in a row. I have called that agency and said I can't see that client's 30 miles away for them to just not be there when they are supposed to be. I'm trying to consolidate to closer, and I missed a great day with my daughter.

The palomino my daughter is riding is named Doc. He was graciously loaned by a boarder of Jennifer's who is injured. I'm so grateful to her. Maggie just fell in love with him. He's so much like Deli in personality. They got along so well.

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