Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Family

I went back to check on the ponies tonight and all was well. Deli was in the field hanging out with Liberty, who she lets stay close. Freeley was with Dixie...Merlin seems to have been ostarisized and was alone in a corner of the field by himself. Deli is taking good care of her charge. Fiera is staying close to mom. I played with her for a long time tonight. She has gotten to be so friendly in the last week. She lets me halter her, though leading is tricky...she lets me pick up all her legs. I can scratch her anywhere, though she does get touchy if I scratch her butt in certain places. She's exploring everything with her mouth...including my skin (ouch!) I'm going to see how they do in the next day or so, but Cat and I talked about putting up another small pen for just Merlin if we have to. I hate to do that. I would like them all to have space to stretch out instead. One of my friends emailed me nervous about my fence...I'm incredibly nervous about them all the time...I think no matter how I kept them I would worry constantly about them. I don't know how breeders do this. I've been made crazy worrying about my baby.

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