Saturday, June 7, 2008

Riding at southlake

We rode today at the lake and had such a blast. Liberty was being a bit of a toot, wanting to go faster but not able to break out of the group to get around. We had a few nice trotting/cantering stretches but I didn't feel like those around me had enough control so I didn't want to risk it so we mostly took it easy. Maggie was there too and I really noticed how his stress level increases with more more horses. All that walking wore me out. The highlight of the day was all the opportunity to mount and dismount which went well! We also went swimming in the lake and that was great fun. I saw a lot of progress in his obstacle work and hill work. He went into deep water several times. He's questioning less, trusting more. And when it was all over he was still my best little buddy in the field.

Fiera is getting really big. We have done some lead line training and she gets sweeter every day. I am relieved. I was worried for awhile that she wouldn't be friendly.

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