Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jerry Jones, Will You Buy My House? (Part deux)

Peter told me to do a search for Jerry Jones, buy my house...I did and found out my other blog post came to the top of the list. That was pretty cool to have my post about Jerry buying my house come to my attention that way.

As the stadium gets bigger, I hope more and more each day that Jerry, or some smart hotel person, will buy up this block and turn it into something other than our house...and we'll walk away, get completely out of debt and buy houses in the country. Are you listening?

Not much to report on this week. Maggie is gone to my mom's and they are having a great time. I didn't work out and gained 2.9 pounds...but I think some of it was water weight. I rode a nice trail on Monday, but haven't ridden since. I was supposed to ride tomorrow, but it didn't work out...I'm painting Maggie's room. OK, take a deep breathe...

Oh yeah...and I talked to the owner of Fiera's sire the other day. I told him I couldn't get over how beautiful my foal was...and he said he thought she was really ugly b/c her ears were too big. I thought he was kidding me, but he completely wasn't. He said the rest of her might be just fine, but all he saw when he looked at her were her mule ears. I was aghast. We love her ears. I think it's one of her best features.

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