Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Contemplating clutter

I'm in a definite down in the dumps funk today. I have clients to see this afternoon and I'm so not in the mood to do any of it. I'm in full blown work on the house mode and I hate to leave the house to make money. This is, of course, ridiculous, so I will, of course, go see clients.

I'm sitting in my pretty much empty room and I find that i like it this way. I have got to find a way to cut down on my clutter. I don't want to put everything back in this room the way it was. It was so messy and I love that it's neat now. I have come to realize that we don't even have good closets in this house. I thought painting and cleaning up would make me love my house, but it makes me realize how crowded we are in it, and that we have no chance to move in the near future. My house is cozy, but I don't have my own place for my craft stuff. I have thinned my collection by a lot and thrown a lot of things away, but I continue to have a closet full of stuff and no closet to put it in.

I am feeling rather surly today...not sure why.

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Peter Yovich said...

Surly to bed and Surly to rise makes an Alice healthy, wealthy, and wise!

We can always refurbish the garage into a giant workroom. Or we could add a second story onto the house.

After I win the lottery of course.