Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update to Finally Finished

Today I have spent time putting everything together so I can have an office. It appears that the dining room is going to double as a craft room. It's not ideal, but this way we can have our haven of peace in the living room and friends can walk past my controlled chaos of the front room. Plus, that's where the a/c is so I won't be overly hot this summer. And, the light in that room is great for sewing, so I'm pretty excited.

Maggie has been working on her room today. She almost has the painting done and she's rearranged her furniture. I'm trying to figure out how to run her a chord to her TV so she can watch the front room TV if I'm not in there working. It will be good if her friends are over. I can trust her not to watch it unless she's supposed to. It's nice to be able to trust her.

I didn't get completely finished. I still have tons of papers lying around but will be all cleaned up tomorrow. I keep cleaning the floor too, trying to get in the all the corners. It just never seems to get completely clean. I'm washing the hardwood according to the label directions on the cleaner, but I still have a bit of film on the floor. I'm not sure how to get the sticky feeling up.

I spent the afternoon watching the first Librarian movie, starring Noah Wylie (love me some Noah Wylie) and cleaning. Then Peter cooked supper and now I think I'm just finished. my feet hurt, my legs hurt from bending over picking stuff up. It should all be done tomorrow and I will have an office/dining room. This makes me very happy.

Peter put the double glass doors back in so I could keep the dogs off the carpet unless I want them in here. This also helps to insulate peter against the sound of our TV if he's in his office working, or if Maggie has a friend over and they are singing incessantly. I realized that I now need to paint the doors so they go with the room. I am probably going to use an accent color. Then I need to paint the other side to match the other room. Now that I have the bug, I see myself continuing to paint until the whole has is redone. I'm actually having fun.

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