Friday, April 16, 2010

Finally Finished

This is a list, in order of my house and how it went. Some of the lighting isn't so good, so it's hard to know if you can tell what colors it really is. The living room is painted with Valspar (from Lowe's) Uttlerly Blue. There is a complimentary color called Tangerine Cream which i plan to apply to the wood in the room. I'm also going to pull down the wall paper and put up an accent wall of a darker blue in the suggested color palette.

I love my house! My carpet smells so good and the room is so bright and airy. I am treating it like a new car and I refuse to let the dogs on the rug...I'm scared to death that Bonnie will pee on the rug. She isn't completely as housebroken as I'd like and I'm going to be keeping her in diapers. She stays outside most of the day, but I don't want my rug becoming the subject of marking games.

Now I want to finish redecorating.

There is only one problem with my living room...I have lost my office space, but I think maybe it's worth it. My bins of fabric will go in the garage and I will use the dining table to sew, or set up a table when I'm in a sewing frame of mind. It's so awesome to have a quiet, comfortable place to relax and we can lay on the floor and enjoy ourselves.

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