Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gallbladder pain

I saw the doctor about my gallbladder yesterday and he says it has to come out. He said it's full of stones and he was amazed I wasn't sicker...well, I felt OK yesterday, but today it's rumbling, so I'm glad I scheduled surgery for May 18. He said that most people recover in 2 days to two weeks, so I should plan to take a week off work, but that I wouldn't have any restrictions if I felt like going back sooner. I suspect I will take off the week of the surgery, watch movies and eat bon bons...well, I may not be eating much since they told me that you frequently have tummy trouble for several weeks after having your gallbladder out.

Today I am having such a terrible headache. It's so pretty outside and I want to want to go riding so badly, but mostly I just want to sit around.

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