Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Peter and I went to a joyful Easter service at church. It was great, as our services almost always are. It lasted almost 2 hours a bit long. We had lunch reservations at Olenjack's grille and then Peter took me to see Alice in Wonderland in 3 D. Lunch was really good, but I think I like the buffet brunch at Birra Porreti's better. I liked Alice really well, but peter was a little underwhelmed. Then we came home and we tried to watch Inglorious Bastards, but didn't get far. Now we're watching National Treasure as I have never seen it, and I'm enjoying watching it a lot.

Tomorrow I was supposed to go riding with my friend Teresa, but all day I had the feeling it wasn't going to happen. I was correct as last night her husband was put in the hospital for an infection, so our day is off. It will work out well, as I plan to use the afternoon and evening to finish painting Maggie's room and cleaning it for her so she can have a pleasant homecoming.

This weekend I rode the NATRC ride with Teresa and we had a great time. I was to ride safety, but they didn't need me and Teresa said she'd enjoy it if I rode the B ride with her. So, I entered the one day ride. Liberty got 2nd and I got first. We had a nice, relaxed ride. What was funny was that I thought of it as being a slow ride, and Teresa couldn't see how our ride was slow...I guess it's all in perspective. After riding riding open, it seemed slow, but that didn't make it any less pleasant. My training goals were to work on transitions, opening and closing gates and trotting at tempo. Things really improved as the day went forward, so I was pleased.

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