Thursday, April 1, 2010


when I was in High School, the French Club went down to the Bijoux, a theater in Kansas City, to see the movie Diva. I have seen it several times over the years...once I was forced to sit through a dubbed version, which was horrid. I had four years of French in HS and college and once upon a time I was able to know the movie by heart and I understood most of the dialogue. It was recently re-released on DVD and I decided I needed to watch it again. I had planned to watch it with Maggie...but I'm glad I didn't. I saw in in HS, in 1984 or so. It was rated R, but it was a foreign film and I went with class...Looking back, I'm sure my folks wouldn't have been happy about me seeing it. Not a lot of cussing, but a fair amount of nudity, but much less than movies today.

The movie is about a postman named Jules, who inadvertently gets himself involved in several different mysteries. He is in love with an opera singer, and makes an illegal recording of her music which the Chinese want to steal so they can make pirated copies. He accidentally gets a tape confessing all from a gangster then the police and the gangsters and the police are after him. He makes friends with an odd couple named Serge and Alba and they help him disentangle himself from the mess he has made. The movie is based on a book by Daniel Odier who wrote under the name Delacorta.

It brings back many memories of teen years. Unfortunately, watching a foreign movie with subtitles is not conducive to sewing...which I should be doing. I no longer speak French well enough to just listen to the movie and while I knew the dialogue many moons ago...I don't anymore. the movie. It's good.

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