Saturday, January 23, 2010


I may have to face that popcorn is my waterloo. I need to get it out of the house where I can't make it when I think I am hungry. I need to limit my popcorn intake to, at the most, the few times I go to the movies. Far better, I should just decide that popcorn for me is doughnuts or chocolate to others. I love dessrt and I eat it, but I have deceivedmyself about my popcorn intake for far too long. People say airpop it...blech! I would sooner not eat it at all as eat it in 'diet' form. I have already been thinking I should eat it only once per week at most but I think perhaps it should go on my never list. Popcorn is not on plan!

Good news is that I did an hour of exercise today...but was up 3 pounds from yesterday. I need to go back down 3 pounds before weighing in on Monday.

Since the holidays have not been 100% and I don't know why.

Today I almost had a serious accident at my field. Fiera had gotten tangled in some wire I had been in the process of eradicating. She had it wrapped around all four legs, her body and her neck. She was still connected to the fence. She was very quiet and didn't move while we freed her. I was very proud of her. She has a good brain. I finished cleaning what I thought was harmless wire.

Liberty was very naughty today. He waited for me to put hands on him and then took off running. Maggie chased him down on Dixie, not giving him a break until he was in the round pen. He finally went in because I fed Fiera and he couldn't stand not take it from her. Then he got to work more, but it was 30 minutes before I could catch him. Don't know what it was all about because he worked perfectly, faced me, played all the games but was jumpy to touch and very twitchy. It was like he was spooked though who knows why.

Tomorrow, grasslands.

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