Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Medifast Weigh in/music therapy rant

I will weigh in today at 230pm. I know that I will have a gain, but I have accepted it. I'm almost back down to where I was pre-holidays according to my wii fit. I can't catch that up by I decided I would just have a fresh mind set and recommit as of today. I will probably be up 3-4 pounds.

I had a good start today. I made some medifast eggs and I put some of my veggie allotment for the day in it and that filled me up nicely. I'm currently drinking a chai latte. I have to do a group in 45 minutes and then I will weigh in. This week, I'm planning to get one thing that is "food" but the rest is going to be shakes and hot drinks. I seem to be better at this when I don't eat. The act of eating seems to be more of a trigger. Plus, the shakes have fewer calories, so I hope to jump start things again.

It was so great not to go to the nursing home the last couple days. Maggie stayed in her room yesterday and I made no real attempt to accomplish anything. I watched a little TV...found a new show on History channel called "life after people" which I found really interesting. I went to the store, I fed the horses, I did counted cross stitch. I stayed up way too late (which resulted in sleeping extra late this am) Peter watched TV with us which was nice. He sorted photos on his laptop and hug out with me and Maggie.

I found out that Lifetime Wellness, my employer, never discussed the music therapy program ending with the facility, Emerald Hills. I guess my boss thought she would have 30 days to sugar coat things for them, promising them bigger and better things, or begging off due to lack of funds. My understanding is that there are no more music therapists left, save one, besides me and so they decided to discontinue the entire program. It's a shame because the residents will suffer and they really benefited from the services...but...oh well. I find it somewhat amusing that I left the way I did and put her in a bind. The reason that they don't have music therapists is that they don't want to pay them.

Today hasn't been much better in the productivity department. I did the dishes and sorted some laundry, but I didn't even wake up till 9:30. I woke up...made breakfast and watched my TNT rerun of ER. They are to the episodes I never watched so I'm enjoying them immensely. Today's episode starred Ray Liotta as a dying man and was very interesting.

I'm finding that I am probably sewing and watching TV far too much though...

Last night (or rather this am) I had the weirdest dream. First I dreamed that I had been kidnapped and I was trying to call Stotlemeyer and Monk to come save me. Then I dreamed I was having a baby, breech and one of the doctors from ER was trying to pull the baby out feet first. I kept telling them I needed a C section, but no one would listen...more and more people just kept coming to watch and observe. That was the dream I was having when I was waking up this am and I just couldn't get away from it. At one point in the dream they agreed I needed the Csection, but they were going to make me walk to the OR. Crazy!

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