Friday, January 29, 2010

The year of the YMCA

I joined the Y 2 years ago and have hardly used it. I don't really like the machines and would rather walk outside. I love water aerobics and swimming but the Y with the pool is across town and not as easy to access as often as I would like. However, now that I have discovered Zumba and now am discovering other classes, I am excited about the Ymca again. Class tonight was huge and I loved my work out. I plan to make pilates tomorrow morning. I feel really good to be working out and focusing on exercise.

I found out tonight that Liberty is the nation's top 1/2 Arab for Natrc. I am so proud of him. I think I cried for 10 minutes when I saw the note in my facebook box. I had no idea. I keep reading it not quite sure it's true :-)

Still trying to decide about the fifty versus 25. I am starting to think 25 and the 50 just because it's a new venue but I kept keep from wondering if I am selling us short.

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