Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our trip to San Antonio

Currently Peter is above me on the top bunk sleeping. I dozed a bit but found my mind too restless to sleep. I don't nap well anyway, so I figured I would blog about the trip while it was fresh in my mind.

Friday night we hung out in the bar and met 2 sets of people from Montana. Peter wandered around taking photos of the gorgeous chandeliers at St. Anthony's. We found out that the hall was originally called Peacock Alley because after eating in the formal dining area with their wives, the men would go to that part of the hotel to stru their stuff and smoke and drink while the women went elsewhere. The chandeliers were purchased for a relatively small amount of money originally but are currently appraised at 1/4 million each.

Saturday we slept until 9am and then had breakfast at Blanca's cafe. I went traditional and had a regular egg and bacon breakfast but Peter had a dish called chilaquiles. He made the better choice! We should have shared this dish b/c it was huge...and spicy.

From there we began to walk. We visited the Alamo and we took a carriage ride around the Alamo. The carriage driver told us about the haunted hotels and some other interesting Landmarks. I got to pet a horse and learn more about driving.

From there, Peter and I went to the Menger hotel, which is supposed to be haunted. It had a beautiful lobby and some neat shops. The bar attached was where Teddy Roosevelt recruited the rough riders.

We took a cabout to a place that had been recommended called The Liberty Bar. It's a very crooked building that had an interesting menu,but we ended up next door, eating at a place called The Josephine Cafe. There, we had a 7 oz, peppered & bacon wrapped filet for $12.95. At Liberty Bar, the same food was over twice as much. It was really tasty!

By this time it was four o'clock and Peter was tired. I had slept great on Friday night, but Peter not so much so we lounged and dozed & watched a little tv. I could have really slept but he was restless and our room was cold as the heater had quit working.

So, at 6pm we headed down to the bar again. We hung out talking to a group of folks until 10 and watching football. John, the bar tender was always up to make a new beverage and one of the guys bought everyone a round, I think, b/c he was enjoying the company so much that he wanted us to say. Rick, the policeman from Saledo, was so entertaining that I am still laughing today. He and his wife, a flutist, said they had come to San Antonio, looking for a chandelier for their chapel. He joked a lot about pulling off a 3am heist of one in Peacock Alley. Later, when he revealed he was a policeman, Peter commented that he had been gathering suspects to pin the theft on. At some point a joke got started that he was related to wyatt earp and things spiraled from there. Aaron, the young man from California continued to add fuel to the joke fire.

It was such a fun night we hated to have to go to bed. However, the train pulled out at 7am, so we made it an early night. We were almost asleep when a group of teens at the hotel for a beta club conference came in loudly and woke us up. I could not believe how loud they were. I almost got up and said something to them, but I wasn't sure it would matter. I finally really got to sleep about 2am. Peter slept great though and even though he is currently snoring away, seems to be fairly rested.

We'll be home by 2pm today. It will be good to be back. I had a great time getting away from home.

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