Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nice ride until the cactus

Cactus hurts! Yes, I realize that is a huge newsflash, but it's one I share freely. Yesterday, while having a really nice ride with a friend, Liberty spooked huge at something (problem a wild turkey or a deer) and left me hanging in the air just above a huge prickly pear. Of course, since gravity is ever present, I went straight down into the cactus and the fire ants next to it. I wasn't hurt, and got up quickly. Liberty being the good boy he is did not run away. (Funny how he runs away in the pasture as a game before I ride him, but seems to know leaving me after I have fallen off is just wrong) Peter helped me to pick out the prickles I couldn't reach, but I have some embedded still as I have little welts where the prickles will just have to fester out. Oh was a nice ride anyway. I got back on and rode off. Funny how I'm not scared of him and really don't worry about him spooking, even though he does. I think I just trust him.

The bad news is that I now missed two Zumba Classes. I'm bummed, but I could not zumba being sore from falling off and still having prickles.

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