Saturday, January 16, 2010

An evening in the bar

I realize many people go to bars often, but I am not one of the. They are expensive and loud and smokey. That was not the case with the St. Anthony's bar. We spent the evening with Rick, a police captain from Saledo, his wife, Denise, who is a flutist. Rick quickly became the great grandson of Wyatt Earp, which led to muany jokes. There was John, an architecture professor, who lives close by but likes to spend the night in a hotel occasionally. There was Aaron, who was attending a leadership conference. He was from Ca and liked to drink Irish wiskey. Then there was Nicole, a dance teacher from Beaumont. I also met a lasy from Duncanville who was looking for a music therapist for her son and was ashtonished to find one at the bar.

We didn't drink too much, but we had a great time tryung out some new cocktails. These included the green Iguana, which was midori, tequila and sweet & sour. I had a white russian made with raspberry vodka. Peter had a suntan lotion which was amaretto, malibu and cream. I had a martini...the bar tender John was just the best.

Anyway, tomorrow we head back on the train. It's been fun.

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