Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year thoughts

I wanted to have happy New Year thoughts...but my day began with services charges on my savings accounts to the order of $12...when they paid me a whole $.12 interest for the quarter. I can't figure out why I have these services excessive withdrawals that I can see. The only thing I can think of is that the balances are below $1000, though that's never been a service charge issue before. Of course, I can't find out today b/c it's a holiday, so I have to remember to hang on to my outrage through tomorrow. If I find out that they won't allow me to have a basic savings account without service charges, emigrant direct bank will have more of my money in the future I guess. I'm so irritated with the bank!

My other source of irritation comes from my job status in the new year. My contracts have been picking up with DSSW, but I received an email from the head of my Lifetime Wellness division late yesterday (no doubt right before she left for the year so she wouldn't actually have to speak with me) letting me know that music therapy was being discontinued as of Jan 31, 2010 at my facility. They have been hard to get along with for about 6 weeks now. My direct supervisor kept showing up whenever I was in the building and then pulling me aside to criticize my previously good work with the residents. She first picked on one thing, which I was doing well, then something else, and then got upset b/c one of us (me) had gotten on facebook at work. Funny part about that was that I was actually copying activity suggestions from a fellow music therapist. Then she started saying I wasn't engaging the entire group of residents from the lowest functioning, almost comatose, to the higher functioning, almost normal, senior. Of course, during the course of the criticism I had anywhere from 30-44 residents in a group...near half the facility, so I figure I wasn't doing that badly. And the residents I saw privately in their room continued to appreciate me as did the nurses and aids I worked with. So, I honestly don't' feel like it had anything to do with me. If it had, then all the efforts I made to do what they were asking for would have been followed up on...which they weren't.

I have new contracts for the new year which pay better anyway, so I that is something to be very happy about!

Today Dee and her kids are coming over, so I need to get off the couch and clean a bit. I will feed at 3:00 and then they will come over afterward. We'll play games which will be lots of fun.

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