Monday, January 18, 2010

Medifast stalling out

My jump start after my fun weekend has been tricky today. It was not awful in that I didn't have any dessert, but I did eat two meals instead of 1 and I only had 3 (I may still have one more) of my meals today. I'm finding that the longer I do this, the harder it is to for me to only eat the foods on the plan. I'm still doing a reasonable job, but I miss potatoes on occasion and I miss pasta. Today I did pass up dessert and I ate egg beaters instead of real eggs, so that's good. I am making better choices than before, but I am stuck at 210 and it's not budging. When I try to get back to eating just my medifast food, I find myself hungry all the time. I'm wondering if my body is trying to stay stuck here. I have to start exercising more.

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Terry said...

I think you are very brave to face your weight loss challenge, and to share it. Best wishes to you - stay strong.