Friday, May 21, 2010

Good Enough to do Myself Harm

I am struggling today with feeling good enough to do some stuff and I'm struggling with making myself lay low.  I haven't done a lot.  I washed a few dishes, paid a few bills and watched Maggie mow the lawn. In a little while I'm going to watch Maggie vacuum the carpet.  And then I'm going to watch Maggie wash the dishes.  I know I'm feeling better because I see dirt in the house today and I wanted to clean it up. 

Maggie's new, treeless saddle came yesterday and she is dying to try it. It's not a name brand, but it resembles the freeform saddle. It wasn't expensive and even if it doesn't work for distance riding, I figure we can use it around the barn for quick rides.  If we like it, I may want one like eventually. I really hope it works for her b/c she doesn't have a saddle to work for distance right now.  My western saddle works great on Dixie, but not good for Maggie as it's so wide. She likes her Wintec but it doesn't work so well on Dixie. It's such a mess. I hate it for her.

I have ridden so little this spring and it just stinks because it has been such a gorgeous spring. Now it's hot! Oh well, I will keep riding this summer I guess.

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