Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update on Theft

My friend Robin's kids were the ones whose kids were with Maggie at Hurricane Harbor yesterday.  Robin waited for the kids to use her daughter's cell phone. When they did, she called the number called and talked to a woman at the number. She told that woman that she was going to include that phone number in her police report. The woman had previously been difficult about talking to Robin, but changed her tune at that point.  Through conversing with the mom, it appears that the girls who told Maggie and her friends that some African American boys were responsible for stealing their stuff, were actually the thieves.  The mom indicated that her daughter told her she had borrowed the cell phone from a friend because hers had gone dead, but then the story changed, so Robin wasn't sure if the mom was covering for her daughter, or if the daughter had changed her own story. Robin told the mom that if she could get their stuff back, she wouldn't include the number in the police report. I'm sure Maggie's money and Sonic cards are long gone, but maybe they will at least get their cell phones back.  Next time, she's getting a locker, or she won't take anything in with her. The locker is way cheaper than losing her stuff.

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