Sunday, May 2, 2010

I have an arena

Today Maggie and I started out the day being lazy, but it was just such a beautiful day, I couldn't stay indoors. Maggie has a friend who likes to ride Liberty and they do well together, though I have never let them out of the round pen. I called to invite her to come out and her mom dropped her off. I needed to mow our parking area and knock down some weeds, so I proceeded to mow about an acre of ground with a push mower, by hand. I wonder if that counts as aerobic activity? 

The kids were having a blast, but the ponies weren't behaving as well as I'd like, so I decided we need an arena.  I decided to take a corner of my pasture and take down my round pen and turn it into an arena. It seemed like it should have been a simple task, but my round pen panels have been knocked about a bit and we had trouble getting them to stand up straight. Maggie, Carter and I had a heck of a time getting them to stay up while we worked on other panels. carter is so little, I swear the panels were bigger and heavier than she is, but she tried really hard to be a help.  Her mom and dad came back to get her and they ended up staying for a couple hours to help me. I couldn't have done it without her dad especially. The panels just wouldn't stay upright and he was able to drive some t-posts for us to duct tape the arena to. I'm sure I need to use zip ties or something more substantial but for now it works. The arena will come in handy for Maggie and her friend. It will be good for my horse, who seems to think that he shouldn't have to work in his pasture. I also have a working gate now, so I can practice.

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