Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The surgery is over and I'm back home. I'm sore and my stomach feels like I'm having a gallbladder attack, which, of course, I'm not.  I figure it's phantom pain :-) I am on clear liquids the rest of today, but can eat to take a pain killer, or if I'm really dying. Tomorrow I have to start eating a low fat diet. If I don't, I'm pretty sure I won't like the outcome.  Thanks to everyone for thinking about me and praying for me.  I'm sure I'll be back on my feet in no time. 

Peter is staying home to look after me today. He is going to the store to get me food..or rather, clear liquids. I can have chicken noodle soup, broth, saltines in a pinch. I can also have Popsicles and sorbet. I can't have any dairy right now.  I'm not really sure if it's to prevent diarrhea or to give the body a chance to heal.

The doctor gave me darvacet and something for nausea, both of which should make me sleepy.

My nurses were so nice. As I was waking up from anesthesia they were great company. The second recovery nurse was named Joy and her son likes to ride. He is thinking of getting into distance riding, so I passed along my name and number.

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