Saturday, May 22, 2010

The morons of the world

Well, Maggie had her wallet stolen at Hurricane Harbor today. I have always been impressed that people were nice about not bothering your things at the water park, but I guess that's changing too. She had some sonic gift cards and some cash, her health insurance card and her combo pass for Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor. They ditched the wallet, but kept her stuff. Her friends had their cell phones stolen. I'm not sure why she didn't lose her cell phone too.  In cash and gift cards Maggie lost $50. I guess that's better than losing her cell phone. She said next time she'll have to rent a locker, but they cost $1 every time you get into your stuff, so that gets expensive fast.  There were some girls nearby who claimed that they saw people going through their stuff. Of course, they could have been lying. Heck, they could have taken the stuff themselves.  If they saw people going through the stuff and they recognized it wasn't their stuff, why didn't they speak up?  People just suck!  Oh, and Six flags?  They told me to replace her pass I had to pay them $20 without a police report. It seemed really dumb to have to call the police, but the police told me it's pretty normal.  So I have a police report and can get her pass replaced for free, but I had to waste the tax payers money.

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