Friday, May 14, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain

We were supposed to go to a competitive trail ride this weekend but had to cancel due to Dixie having an injury. I guess it's just as well since the ride was later canceled due to flooding. I feel so bad for the manager, who worked very hard on the ride.

I had a client today and then had to drive to Dallas to go to Dover Saddlery. I have had a really hard time finding a helmet that fits. I ordered 2 different ones that didn't fit, so I decided it was time to try several on. My favorite helmet was Tipperary, but they changed the design and then they changed it back, but the ones I had tried on didn't fit at all.  I went to Dover and tried on a Tipperary and it fit great. The only real difference was that it was a medium instead of a small. I was happy that it went so well.

I then had to drive back from Dallas in another rain storm. I am completely whipped. I was so lucky to have Gregg at the field tonight. He fed for me and took care of the ponies, so I didn't have to go back over there.

We're supposed to ride tomorrow, but I'm thinking we have too much rain to go very far.  It's just as well. I sure could use a day to watch TV and catch up on DVD's and counted cross stitch.

I'm so looking forward to Bar 50 the end of June. At the moment I'm renting their living quarters trailer so I can keep away from Maggie and Dixie up at the main part of the camp. I really want to stay up in the cowboy rooms. It's the same money, but the pens are in the sun and that means I'd be up close to where Maggie and Dixie are, so the horses might not be so keen to leave each other. I want to be able to go ride the trails without having to force him away from Dixie every morning.  Now, I still am looking for someone to travel to Bar 50 with me, in which case I would share a room and have someone to ride with, so the issue of getting Liberty out on the trail alone wouldn't be such an issue.  I'm going June 27-July 3 and would love to have company.  My plan for now is to ride, read the Dr. Deb Bennett Birdie book, watch DVD's on my computer, cross stitch, play with my Sims and read a stack of massage journals. I also hope to go up to Hot Springs and get a massage and go to the Hot Springs. I'm a little nervous that I will get bored after a week, but I also think that if I take my ipod and hit the trail with Liberty, I'm likely to have a really good time just wandering about. And, since there is  Wi-Fi in the lodge I can always blog about my days.  Of course, if several people wanted to go there are a couple cabins that could be rented. I have the idea that having a group of people on a fun ride would be awesome, but so far, none of the people I have mentioned it to have been all that interested. some have other friend might come for a couple days, maybe some local folks will come down. However it turns out, I'm sure I'll have a great time.

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