Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fiera Day 8

I fed horses twice today...I cough whenever I do physical exertion, but I can tell that I am on the mend. I am supposed to go riding tomorrow am with my friend Betsy, and I know I'm not up to the fast miles she wants to do, but originally I thought I could possibly do some slow work with Maggie, get in the lake with my horse, maybe some obstacle training. 'However, I am discouraged b/c of the heat and humidity. Not at all sure I'm up for a strenuous ride. Right now the idea of loading up the trailer, hitching to the truck, going in the heat is just not appealing at all. I know Betsy needs her stuff, but I feel really awful!

Fiera licked me all over tonight and let me pet her head a little. I'm determined not to try to catch her right now as that seems to be a really fun game for her. She let me pet her for about 30 seconds and then I walked away so that she wouldn't be the first to leave. She's so full of spunk...right now she's afraid of getting caught.

The fence didn't seem to be hot tonight, as Fiera had the fence in her mouth and was not being shocked. So I found where it had fallen off it's insulator. I fixed it and then Fiera touched the fence with her mouth and got a serious shock! I wish I had photos of it. She was bucking and rearing and really pissed off that she had been shocked.

Today I put Freeley in with Deli in an attempt to begin to integrate the herd a bit. I moved Freeley in with Deli but moved him back today after it was obvious that he was lonely for his herd. I thought about putting Deli out with the herd, but I don't think I'm ready for the stress of it yet. Perhaps another day this week I will introduce Liberty for a day...I need to find the best way to get them liking each other as a group without making it a pain in the rear to feed Deli. I will have to talk to Cat about what she thinks so that it's a good situation for everyone.

I hope I feel better today...I really would like to go ride.

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