Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting restless

I knew that this was likely to be an all day and/or all night prosition so I came prepared. I have my foaling book, my book on cd, my ipod, and various magazines to pass the time. However, since Deli foaled quickly after waxing for her previous owner the first time she foaled, I had hoped that she would progress rapidly. Unfortunately, we're still watching, even though she is exhibiting many symptoms of early labor. Se seems pleased to have us here. She is still dripping clear drops from her udder that tastes like nothing. The foaling group says that taste testing is pretty accurate and when it turns sweet labor will be at hand. We may be sitting here for nothing but it will have been worth it.

We did discover blackberries on the property while walking around killing fire ants and that was very cool.

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