Sunday, May 4, 2008

Supreme Trail challenge

Yesterday was the first Supreme Trail challenge (click on the title to check out the website) and it was a lot of fun. We camped at Seahorse Ranch overnight and rode the trails in the LBJ Grasslands.

First off we didn't pack warm clothes. I had cleaned out my truck and didn't realize that I hadn't replaced the ponchoes and jackets so we were pretty chilly...but we made do. I got up in the middle of Friday night to sleep in the pickup truck b/c I couldn't take the tent smacking me in the 40 mph wind. It really makes me wish I had somewhere warmer and more sturdy to sleep...but all in good time I guess.

The weather was absolutely beautiful once the day began to warm up. We did 20 miles and completed multiple obstacles. Liberty was mostly well behaved, though he had moments of tantrum like behavior. He ate and drank beautifully though--maybe a little too beautifully. I think he has figured out he can stand still if he's eating and drinking. We had to do a gate, sidepass to a mailbox to mail a letter (neither of which we managed too well, but hey, he's green) We stood for a mount, which was good, but not excellent...hoping that if I can finally lose some weight I can get better at mounting. I think I'm doing better, but still not as good as what I would like to do. He finished the day without any bit rubs or back or girth soreness. He's put together so well. I think he's going to be a really good CTR/endurance ride.

Maggie and Freeley had a nice ride. they did some things well and some things not so well. Jena had a good time on Dixie too. Maggie finally got first place...Jena got second. Their scores were very close.

I must be improving in my sensitivity (or getting less sensitive to) people being mean to me. I managed to not even notice when someone was snarky to me yesterday. It was a good feeling to have it pointed out to me that I was right not to like someone I haven't liked b/c they really were mean to me. I guess in a way that's good that I'm getting secure enough not to worry about what other people say.

Here are some photos from my first CTR with Maggie. The photos were taken by John Nowell at the Girl Scout Scamper.

Thses are photos of Maggie with Freeley. This was such a nice shot of them happily cantering across a pretty spot with the reflection from the water

This is Liberty and me trotting across a pasture. He was such a good boy for his first ride.

This is a photo of Maggie, Jennifer and me with our ponies.

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