Thursday, May 8, 2008

New job/Deli day 321 to 331

Starting in the next week or two I will start some more contract work. It's for a company called Lifetime Wellness. I will start with 16 hours per week possible expanding to an additional 8 hours in the fall. Originally I was worried I would have to work all 24 hours this summer but they sold one of the facilities which actually makes scheduling so much better for me for the summer. I am hoping to see the nursing homes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or Thursday to eliminate some daycare issues with Maggie and still keep us free for fun. I am really excited to begin this venture. They are talking about incorporating some massage therapy into this as well. I'm begining to think maybe I will have a combined career after all.

Yesterday Deli was starting to look plenty miserable. Her udder is filling; her vulva and tail head appear to be relaxing. O am beginning to think we'll have a foal soon. It would be funny if she foaled on mother's day, except then I can't wear my pretty new dress to Scarborough Faire on Sunday and I will have to pay a weekend vet call!

Maggie and I went to Scarborough Faire on Tuesday with her school and had a great time. Maggie got her hair braided and I bought us pretty dresses. I have always wanted one of those dresses! I guess I will have to go to the fair more often now! Even peter said I looked good and he wasn't as customarily understated. Maggie and I figure we'll wear them for the costume contest at horsemasters in the fall as well.

I'm in between groups at the moment in Springtown. One of my groups went on a field trip so I had a free moment. I think I am ready for school to be out. Spring fever has set in

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