Monday, May 12, 2008

Still no foal

We camped out last night hoping for a baby but no such luck. After dripping milk for the greater part of yesterday and producing other behaviors that seemed to be labor, she settled in for a night of wandering and eating instead of foaling. I set up our truck tent so we didn't have to sleep with the fireants. I also set alarms to catch me if I dozed off but no foal. This am she is back to waxing & dripping but she is also voraciously eating everything in sight. I think that I can rearrange today to stay with her one more time, but if it doesn't happen today or tonight I will just have to go home and let her foal without me. Maggie now has a cold and has coughed through most of the night but i am not sure I want to suffer through another day of her being restless. I can easily sit here alone & read and I'm not sure i wouldnt like that better. Her school is just across the street so I can always call for her if Deli foals

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