Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Today is mother's day and itams a gorgeous day to be outdoors. We were supposed to go to Scarborough Faire with my friends, my daughter and my husband I haven't felt like I would really get to go all week though. This whole time that I have had it in my head that Deli would foal this weekend, specifically today. I had no reason to know this other than it was just a fantasy in my mind and a feeling in my gut.

Last night when I checked her she looked the same as the day before with a bigger udder. This am she had one little crust of wax on on teat. She also had the slabsided look of a mare whose baby had sunk to the lowest point possible. Her tail head was also loose. Maggie coomented that from behind she looks like a fat gelding because her udder is so huge. At that point I canceled all plans to leave today, rushed home for supplies and came back.

Much to my dismay my husband and friends were more excited about the faire than foalwatch so maggie and I have returned to watch alone. We brought our tent and sleeping bags in case we need to stay over (of course the sleeping bags were already in my truck from last week's camping) and the camera and video camera. Maggie and I are now set up in a corner of our field on foalwatch.

When we returned I noticed that she had progressed from that little bit of wax to dripping clear drops onto her feet. Her previous owner, Myrna, said that she foaled within a couple hors of waxing before so I am hoping our patience will be rewarded. She also foaled in the daytime previously.

One friend asked what I would do all day. I am puzzled by this statement. Why do I need soemthing to do? I can listen to music, read and just be here. She seems to welcome our presence.

Currently she is wandering around, eating and drinking, stretching and yawning. I think we will have a baby today.

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