Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tonight at Home

Not a very interesting night around my house tonight. Peter's computer had a virus so he's having to completely rebuild. I made a few attempts to have conversation with him. He is annoyed that his computer is taking so long and I am in a lonely funky spot wanting company that he's not in the mood to give. Just the way it works out sometimes.

I went to Springtown today for one of my last two days of the school year. I really am hoping that they have me back next year. I really enjoy going there and seeing all the kids and the work is really great. Today was hard b/c the kids have the end of school stuff going on, and I still don't feel good. One more day and I will be done with those guys till next year.

Fiera was a toot again today. She ran through an electric fence when she thought I was going to catch her. I'm not liking this. Not sure why she is so anti-human. I haven't done anything to her...yet.

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