Monday, May 12, 2008

Finally Alone

Maggie has left for school and I am finaly alone. Deli left her hay and alfalfa and is standing in the middle of the field close to where I saw her standing through the night. She keeps shifting her weight, yawning, stretching but so far no signs of baby. She still has wax. I still think if we give her enough quiet and space she will come through sometime today. Part of me thinks I should leave B give her privacy but I am hoping that thelack of noise and activity today will finally encourage her to foal. One of my friends doesn't get why I wanted to make everyone leave, but I just feel like Deli will do this thing for me, with me here if I stay quiet. Too bad the hay man is on his way to disturb the piece, but since it's supposed to rain tomorrow it has to come today.

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