Friday, September 30, 2011


I'm on a slippery slope. I have not worked out all week. I haven't ridden and I have only walked once. I miss it. I am cranky without it but I have issues getting up in the dark to go to the gym. I think it was easier this summer because it was light. So after the time changes I should be better off. My work has been in the way and this last week was just crazy. I'm hoping to hit cycle class today but don't know if I'll make it or not. I have to exercise in the mornings. I could probably do afternoons too if i had time I'm so tired at night that I have a hard time forcing myself to the gym.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One of those days

Today was just a bad day all the way around.  I got in trouble for something early in the day and it colored my whole day.  I was caught using my cell phone during a massage session.  Honestly, couldn't say when I did it. I play music for the clients during their massages from my phone and I don't know if the mom saw me flipping through music or actually texting, (which I do occasionally when someone texts me and it seems important) but I don't sit in a massage with anyone and text or email with both hands or more than sporadically.  So, anyway, I did it and I got caught and I lost the client. which makes me really sad b/c I liked that client and it wasn't a regular thing to text at her house, so it's kind of weird that I got caught.  It ruined my whole day. The program manager brought up how I lost clients last year b/c i was talking too much...of course, that hasn't been a problem since I've been playing music for the clients with my phone b/c we all have something to listen to. I love giving massages, but sometimes, it's slow and boring for the therapist.  I try so hard to only chat with the clients who talk to me and often I find out that the parents or the clients think I talked too much, even when I've made an extreme effort to zip my lips. I just don't know how to be silent I guess. I find myself hoping that the doctor will say I have ADD and whatever magic pill they give me for ADD will just silence my brain and alleviate my need to be stimulated.  It would be so nice to just have a quiet brain that doesn't need to be fed information.  I asked the PM if anyone was complaining about me talking now, b/c I've really been working so hard not to talk to them even if they talk to me, and she said no, that no one had complained...but now I got busted for a random texting/emailing phone event. I even asked if it was possible that the mom saw me flipping through music for her daughter b/c until a few weeks ago, I didn't even bring my phone into their house. I never thought I'd get "fired" from a client for using my phone. I figured that the worse thing that would happen is someone would say "hey, don't do that". I feel like a dope...

Then from there the day just went to heck. I was late everywhere I went, though I did get a really nice haircut.  I also found out that a client I thought I was going to lose in a week is on for another month, so that's a good thing.

The agency I work for has experienced cuts to their specialized therapies so my schedule was going to reduce from 15 hours down to 13 hours anyway, but now it's going down to 12 and then 11...not enough. emotionally it's enough to keep me full up, but fiscally, i need more, steady income.  The great part is that i have some other contracts that have really pulled through and I'm continuing to cultivate more new contracts all the time, so that my eggs aren't all in one basket.

Today is my mom's birthday.  She sounded happy when I called her. I wish I could be there for her birthday dinner with my brother tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lunch ideas

I need to figure out a healthier lunch option when I'm driving. I start with good intentions and end up eating fast food. I'm not anbig sandwich eater nor am I a huge salad eater. I need to come up with something I can take in the far or buy while I'm out that's going to be healthy. I don't have a microwave usually so it needs to taste good cold. I have been thinking that I need to find myself some places to eat that aren't fast food and/or I need to find a park or shady place so I can have a real lunch. I'm thinking that driving down the road eating isn't the best option for my overall diet. Medifast sure made this easier. 

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 so be excuse and be amused by typing errors. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tracking apps

I used my footsteps app today when I did my 15 minute run/walk. I think I like it better than run keeper. Run keeper never says I'm going as fast as my footsteps app, and it doesn't seem to switch my speed from walk to run when I'm mixing it up. It also doesn't say I'm going as fast as I know I am when I'm running, clocking me under 4mph when I'm jogging. That doesn't seem right. Of course, I don't know that run keeper isn't right, but the footsteps pedometer app logs me more like the couch to 5K mileage I see on the treadmill, so I tend to think it's right. 

So, what apps are good for logging miles and speed? I like the idea of run keeper, but I didn't find it accurate. I like my footsteps b/c it logs my calories similar to what my fitness pal does.

Speaking of my fitness pal. I found a new app called Lose it that goes with a book by the same name. It gives me more calories and works along the lines of the BMR calculator that I learned about from listening to fat2fit radio. I'm pretty impressed so far with the idea that you shouldn't "diet" but should eat like the thin person you want to become. I have started losing again and I'm not working so hard. It's coming off more slowly, but that's OK.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Add testing

Today, I went in for testing for ADD. It has been suggested to me by several friends and loved ones at this might perhaps be one of my many problems. LOL. I personally do not think that I have ADD. I am very good at juggling many balls. I do an outstanding job of remembering named. I am good managing things and meeting deadlines. I do not have a messy office, nor do I procrastinate. However, many of my friend's have suggested it, So I decided to be tested.

Testing was very simple. I had to do a series of puzzles , answer questions. The psychiatrist asked me familiar facts , math problems, and I had to do a personality and psychiatric disorder inventory. I found a psychiatric inventory particularly interesting. I was given a series of statements that I either had to say yes or no to. Many of the questions were phrased in the negative and made it very difficult to answer properly. For example, one of the statements was do you feel about many people talking about you behind your back? Or rather I feel like many people talk about me behind my back? Or maybe it was many people talk about me behind my back and laugh at me. Anyway, I understand the point of the question was to measure my paranoia about people are talking about me behind my back. How am i supposed to answer that question? Do I answer yes b/c people do talk about me behind my back or no so i dont look paranoid. What if there are people talking behind my back? Is it ok to admit it bothers me? There were also many questions about my drug alcohol use. I have a little Alcohol use and no drug use so I found the questions particularly amusing.

I return to the doctor in two weeks to get the results. I need to treated he might be.

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so be excuse and be amused by typing errors.

I almost left the above post just like it Was with the amusing typos but decided not to. I attempted to blog through dragon dictation and was not successful

I'm curious of the test results. Many of the puzzle problems were hard as were the math. I had to sequence numbers forward, backward and in greatest to largest. I think I was better at organizing the numbers smallest to largest than either of the sequences. On the the sequencing when it got over 5 numbers I couldn't remember the ones in the middle.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Great ctr

I have spent a lot of time the last week reading the posts of The Bloggess. She is hilarious and I find myself wishing I had a tiny bit of her story telling ability. But, alas, I do not so I will have to tell a more basic and slow witted story of my ctr weekend.

The ride this past weekend was in the LBJ grasslands in Decatur, tx. It's a marvelous place to ride with more than 50 miles of trail. I don't get there often enough. Maggie and I arrived about 2pm and were able to find our favorite camping spot with ease. I got checked in for the natrc and Arabian horse ride (Liberty is a half Arab ) and Maggie played with her friends (though I guess at 14 they hang out, not play).

Saturday morning Liberty was massively upset at having been separated from Dixie. He was expressive in his defiance.I ended Up riding with corry key, a vet from Arkansas, and her awesome stallion, Zaliel. In this case two wrongs made a right and two badly behaved horses became well behaved friends on the trail. They paced perfectly and they were there for me when Liberty dumped me after spooking at a cow. (Corry is the author of a great book called Horses who Eat potatoes)

Sunday she had to pull and I was very sad. I have never had that much funon trail at a Ctr.

Texas two step ttc

We passed a fun and exciting weekend at Tarrant Ranch with the Texas Trail challenge. We had challenges both days. Maggie Road in the first day and I judged. The second day Maggie and I helped to pull down ribbons for candy, and she helped with one of the obstacles. There was a large group both days, I would say over 40 riders each day. There are also many buddy riders.

on the first day, when I was judging, I had to very fun obstacles. The first obstacle was a very large date. Tenderfoot had to pass through the gate while keeping control of the gate at all times. Both Maverick and Horsemen how'd open the gate with the left hand back through the gate, close the gate. They had to keep control of the gate the entire time. Most everyone did this fairly well, but there are a few resources refused to approach the day. There were a few beautiful example of the opening. The second obstacle was a series of transitions. Tenderfoot had to make a walk trot whole transition, Maverick had to do a Tropicana hall transition, and Horseman had to do at canter halt canter transition. The tangelo cancer, when done well, is a beautiful thing. I was playing with it on Sunday, and discovered that liberty really enjoyed the challenge of it. Everyone seemed like they were having a really great time. We had good potlucks both nights, and some birthday cake for candy on Sunday. Maggie placed higher than she ever has before. She was third in the maverick adult class. She Juniored out last year, and is no longer riding with the juniors, who ride tenderfoot. The next one is at Waco's lacy point. It will be held in the second to sorry third week of October. I hope everyone will come.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hair color

All my life I have been a natural blond. I was really white headed as a kid and it's never quit being blond. However, the last couple years, it's looking a little dingy. I suspect that means it's turning a little bit grey.  It doesn't look grey, it still looks blond, but it's not vibrant. I tried to go strawberry blond but the red never stays in my hair. (Imagine my surprise that Maggie is still a red head after one planned box of temporary color turned her permanently red and now we're seeking ways to keep up with it or turn it back)  So, when I bought her last box of color, I bought me one too. I picked ultra light sun blond. I figured as poorly as my hair takes color it wouldn't make much difference...well, uh, that's not true this time. I'm really, really blond now. However, it looks fabulous, so I'm not sorry. It's bright...Photos of my bright blond hair and my shiny new tights will most likely be available next week at after the NATRC ride.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Friend Saturday

I had the opportunity to meet and make a new friend today. Her name is Dee and she is the wife of my guitar teacher.  She has always loved horses, but for various reasons she has been told that she shouldn't ride anymore.  It's not a serious, structural issue, and she is planning on starting slowly to see if she can ride again.  Today she just came out to smell and brush horses and enjoy herself, but in the future, I'm going to get her on a horse at a walk and maybe a trot on a longe and see how it goes for her.  She would love to be able to actually go trail riding if possible, but she needs to build core muscle, so we're going to approach this like a therapy. She is just amazing and we really hit it off so I'm looking forward to the company.  Peter and I are going to go to the Stagecoach tonight to see my teacher's band play and just go out. I never do that, so it will be fun! We're going to stay out just an hour or so since Maggie and I have some riding planned for in the morning.

I had planned to sew today and instead we're just enjoying watching old Eureka episodes and playing with Sims 3.  I ended up ordering some new tights from Evelyn Allen at Just for Horsin-round and now I don't have to make my own.  Maggie is making a pair of sleep pants for a friend and I'm going to help her with those. She got the pattern traced off, just like my mom, showed her. Then, while sitting on her knees she got her right knee cap stuck again. this hasn't happened in 6 months, but I see a trip to the orthopedist in our future.  I came to realize that it had been a couple weeks since I'd sat still and I decided to just enjoy myself today and be lazy!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I am tired

I don't just mean physically tired. I mean I'm worn out with all the possibilities of things I could or should be doing. I am worn out with thinking of riding or sewing or reading or house keeping or game playing. I need to be doing some of the 50 cmte's I still need to achieve and could use a few quiet, unscheduled days for that. The good news is we have a three day weekend and I can get some of this stuff done. I just know there aren't enough hours to accomplish everything. Tomorrow I am meeting a new friend to ride. Sunday will find us on a short trail and Monday will depend. Monday we are playing games with a friend as well. I also need to get to the gym to swim or spin. Like I said I am

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